Pulse Dust Collector

Applications of Dust Collectors :

Cartridge type dust Collectors are Cartridge filters with automatic cartridge cleaning by compressed air pulses. Dust Collectors serves for the dry separation of dust from exhaust air in areas like:

  • ➤ Plastic Processing Industries
  • ➤ Pharmaceutical Industries
  • ➤ Food processing Industries
  • ➤ Cement and Mineral Industries
  • ➤ Powder Coating Industries
  • ➤ Cattle Feed
  • ➤ Pneumatic transport of solids
  • ➤ Air conditioning Plants

Characteristic Features of Dust Collectors :

  • ➤ Pleated filter material offers multifold filter area [5 to 6 times] compared to standard filter elements with same specific dust loading in Dust Collectors.
  • ➤ Highly efficient filter cartridges imported from R & B filter GmbH. Germany is used in Dust Collectors.
  • ➤ Filter medium in Dust Collectors made of paper or synthetic non- woven material made of needle felt depending on application.
  • ➤ Compact construction leading to modest floor space requirements.
  • ➤ Dust Collectors low compressed air consumption combined with high efficiency reverse pulsejet cleaning with venturi nozzle.
  • ➤ Operating temperatures up to 80 degree centigrade and up to 200 degree centigrade on request.
  • ➤ Material of construction in Dust Collectors: stainless steel or mild steel.
  • ➤ Long life - better quality- economical and reliable solution to any dust extraction problems.
  • ➤ Complete filter unit quipped with compressed air header, pulse piping valve, pulse timer, Filter Cartridge, venturi nozzle and pressure manometer.