Micro Pulveriser / Pulverizer

The D.P. Micro Pulveriser is a high-speed hammer and screen mill, which accomplishes size reduction by mechanically impacting process material. This method of size reduction is characterized by relative high energy and short residence time, minimizing heat build up during the milling process.

Operating Principle :

The D.P. Micro Pulverizer consists of a rotor assembly fitted with hammers and operates generally at high speeds. A cover fitted with a liner, a retaining screen at the point of mill discharge and a feed screw mechanism whereby the unground material is uniformly fed to the grinding chamber.

The grinding action in the D.P. Micro Pulveriser is the impact between rapid moving hammers and particles themselves. The energy of the moving hammers dissipates itself into the particles by virtue of their inertia thus causing size reduction.

Applications :

The D. P. Micro Pulverizer, can be used for a wide range of application e.g. Activated Carbon, Animal Feeds, Carbon Black, Chalk, Cocoa, Starch Dyes, Fine Chemicals, Gram Flour, Kaolin, Pigments, Sugar, etc.

  • Outstanding Features :
  • ➤ Efficiency and Compactness.
  • ➤ Quick and Easy Cleaning.
  • ➤ Labour Saving.
  • ➤ Long Service Life.
  • ➤ Guaranteed Performance.
  • ➤ Lowest Cost.

Type of Classification Screen Type
Feeding Automatic
Model Type Mill Motor Feed Motor Mill RPM
D. P. Laboratory Micro 1 H.P. NIL 4500
D.P. Baby Micro 1.5 H.P. 0.5 H.P. 9000
D.P. Micro No. 1 5 H.P. 0.75 H.P. 9000
D.P. Micro No. 2 10- 15 H.P. 0.75 H.P. 5800

D. P. Micro Pulveriser No. 2 D.P. Micro Pulverizer with Dust Collector :

The D.P. Micro Pulverizers are also Available with Cyclone & dust collector. This system performs a total dust free operations. As the system consists of a blower at one end it is possible to pneumatically convey the pulverised material to the required distance.